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Alcohol-Related Accidents

The dangers involved in alcohol-related accidents should be apparent to all of us. Operating a powerful machine like a car, truck, motorcycle, or boat while under the influence of drugs or alcohol means impaired judgment, slowed reflexes, and other problems which make someone less safe behind the wheel. These facts are reinforced from a very early age, and one can expect universal condemnation towards anyone caught driving while under the influence.

Unfortunately, there are still people who fail to heed this advice. As indicated by the frequency with which we all see the impaired operation of a vehicle, there are those who continue to endanger the general public by operating their vehicles in an intoxicated state. For a person frequently engaging in such behavior, it’s only a matter of time until they cause a serious accident. And when they do so, the damage they inflict can be catastrophic. In a case where a person is intoxicated and causes someone harm, additional damages may be awarded. These exemplary damages are extra damages that may be awarded if certain factors are proven.

Fortunately, the law tends to favor victims of DUI accidents. The behavior of those causing such accidents is perceived as completely reckless by everyday citizens, who are ready to punish the offense severely. Jurors typically share this perception, which increases the chances of success at trial. Additionally, being hit by a drunk or impaired driver may enable the victim to seek punitive damages. If allowed, they can add considerably to the value of an injury claim.

To achieve the best possible result on a DUI claim, you need to have experienced and knowledgeable counsel. Every case is different, and only a skilled attorney can give you the results you need. The Law Offices of Tony Morrow has experience dealing with alcohol-related accidents and are determined to get their clients the best possible result.

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