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Should I Speak To The Police?: Understanding The Privilege Against Self-Incrimination

“I plead the Fifth!” For all you courtroom drama enthusiasts, this a universally known phrase. However, what does this phrase actually mean? The Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution list five rights that protect you from the government abusing its prosecutorial powers. Of these five rights, your right against self-incrimination (A.K.A your right to remain silent) is arguably the most important right you have. Your right to remain silent only applies when you are subject to custodial police interrogation. The Supreme Court of the United States in Miranda v. Arizona defined custodial police interrogation as “questioning initiated by law enforcement officers after a person has been taken into custody or otherwise deprived of his freedom of action in any significant way.” In other words, you are in custody when you are not free to leave. Once you are no longer free to leave, law enforcement must advise you of your Miranda rights before you may be questioned (i.e., you have the right to remain silent and to have an attorney present for questioning). Once…Read More

Family Law Tip

What to Expect from Child Custody Mediation in LA Child custody mediation is a mandatory process required before attending any scheduled hearing on child custody and visitation. Mandatory mediation may seem like an annoyance or even a burden, but the process is intended to prevent hardship rather than cause it. In many cases, parties wind up benefiting from mediation, and may even avoid unnecessary lengthy, expensive, and acrimonious court battles because of it. What is Child Custody Mediation? Mediation is a process that occurs outside of a court room, before an issue is litigated (or brought before the court). The mediation process is intended to help divorcing couples formulate a joint parenting plan and come to certain agreements about custody and visitation, as well as other issues related to co-parenting. It involves both parties giving their side of a given conflict, and negotiation to try to come to a mutual understanding. This process is facilitated by a mediator, an impartial third-party who is trained in conflict resolution and is knowledgeable about child custody and visitation…Read More

Working Around Or Near Electricity Can Be Dangerous…A Few Things To Keep In Mind Are

Louisiana Law prohibits any unauthorized persons from working, including moving equipment, within ten feet of any high-voltage overhead line. If any unauthorized person intends to work within ten feet of any high-voltage overhead line, the person responsible for the work must notify the owner or operator of the high-voltage overhead line not less than 48 hours prior to commencing work. Work shall be performed only after satisfactory mutual arrangements have been completed between the owner or operator of the high-voltage overhead line and the person responsible for the work to be done. If you, a friend, or a loved one have been injured by electricity, call us at the Law Offices of Tony Morrow! We may be able to help…(337) 240-6697Read More

“Don’t Bring A Knife To A Gun Fight” – Personal Injury Tip

“Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight!” As the saying goes. Insurance companies are thrilled when injured claimants try to settle cases on their own. These days, I regularly see folks who receive offers of $500-$1500 for their pain and suffering because they don’t have attorney. After they have retained me, I have been able to resolve the case for a much fairer amount. It always pleases me to put more money in my client’s pockets. Being untrained in how to hand a claim, a person is really at a disadvantage and mistakes are easily made….plus you have all the headaches. There is a study that shows attorneys average larger awards than a person handling their own case and generally the attorney more than pays for his fee. Always consult with a skilled attorney who represents injured persons!!! If you had appendicitis, would you buy a “Do It Yourself At Home Surgery Kit”? Of course not! Call Tony today! (337) 240-6697Read More

The Dangers Of Your Bumper Stickers

Many of us proud parents advertise our kids names, gender, which school they attend, and which sports they play. Seems harmless right? Well maybe not! Some criminals use that to their advantage. They can use that information to gain knowledge about you and your family. Also don’t leave your ID’s or work badges out where they can be seen. Now, we are not saying to go out and remove your decals and stickers, just that you should think about what you are displaying for everyone to see. Remember criminals are always looking for opportunity to commit crime.Read More

Ok, so summertime is finally here and a lot of you will be out on the water. Here are a few tips on boating safety. When it comes to safety, you are the first line of defense: Make sure there are a sufficient number of life jackets on board and that they fit properly and are in good shape. Louisiana law requires children 16 years and under has to wear US Coast Guard approved life jackets at all times while on the boat. Just like driving a vehicle under the influence (DUI/OWI), it is illegal to drink and operate a boat under the influence, in all 50 states. So designate a sober driver who will be responsible for getting passengers safely to shore. Never over crowd the boat. You can find your boats passenger capacity either on a plate or stamped on or near the stern of the boat and/or in the owner’s manual. # Operate your boat at a safe speed, considering the traffic, weather, no wake zones and your passengers (young or elderly).…Read More

The biggest difference between a personal injury claim or a workers’ compensation case is that, an injured party is not entitled to the same benefits for injures in a workers’ compensation case as in a personal injury case. In a personal injury claim, you are entitled to recover all of the damages that you have suffered. This may include lost earnings, lost earning capacity, medical bills, future medical expenses, permanent impairment, pain and suffering, impairment damages, rehabilitation and loss of enjoyment of life and family or spousal losses. In a workers’ compensation case, what you can recover is much more limited. If you or anyone you know was involved in an accident, then call The Law Offices Of Tony Morrow for your FREE consultation. (337) 240-6697Read More

If You Are Going Through A Divorce Or Separation Keep This In Mind

Think before you put anything about your partner, spouse, or marital issues in writing or post anything online (email, text message, tweet, letter, Facebook, etc.). Whatever you put in writing or post online could end up there forever and could be seen by anyone, including the Court or your children – even if you think it won’t! In the heat of the moment, it might seem funny to take revenge by saying tactless or unkind things, sharing personal or private stories, or posting embarrassing pictures of your partner online, but it will just make the situation worse. If you must, write down everything you think you want the world to know, have your laugh, and then throw it away. This can be even more healing than posting online and won’t make matters worse. At the end of the day, you’ll be glad you didn’t passive-aggressively air your or your spouse’s dirty laundry in the public sector.Read More

We understand how emotionally and financially taxing divorce can be for the whole family. Many divorcing couples want to complete their divorce as quickly and amicably as possible. We know from experience that mediation can be a productive and cost-efficient means to that end. Unlike a court trial that pits one spouse against another, mediation seeks to resolve issues through open communication and mutual agreement of the parties through a series of meetings or sessions with your mediator. A typical mediation session lasts anywhere from an hour to a full day. When we conduct mediation sessions, we are able to help couples resolve their issues and help the parties make informed decisions before entering into a mutual agreement. At the conclusion of most mediations, an agreement addressing all of the decisions made by the couple is signed and filed with the Court. Tony Morrow is a registered, practicing mediator in the State of Louisiana. Please call our office if you have any questions or would like to schedule a consult, we will be happy to…Read More

The Law Office of Tony Morrow

When looking to hire or when communicating with your attorney, if something doesn’t feel right – or if you’re confused – ask. Many folks are, for whatever reason, not comfortable talking to lawyers. As a result, when they feel unsure, confused or agitated, they don’t say anything, or even look for answers from dubious sources, like non-lawyers or the internet. Your lawyer should be a willing mentor – someone who can help you get results in your case and who can give you support and peace of mind during the process. If you have questions or concerns, discuss them with your lawyer, or if it’s your first meeting with a lawyer, make sure you feel comfortable and that the lawyer is doing a good job of explaining and being honest. There are very few case that do not have issues, so a lawyer should be straight up. Going through any legal action, an auto accident case or other personal injury case, a criminal matter, or a divorce/child custody battle can be stressful. Borrow on your…Read More

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