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Recently suffered in a car accident and unsure where to turn? The Law Office of Tony Morrow is here to help you throughout the aftermath of your accident and get you moving in the right direction.

Regardless of how it happened or who is at fault, if you’ve suffered in a car accident, there's a strong chance your life will never quite be the same as it was before. You’re likely grappling with a range of immediate and long-term consequences, from medical bills and rehabilitation to insurance claims and repairs to your vehicle. Managing all of these practical matters seriously detracts from your focus on physically recovering, which is the most important thing you can do at this stage.

More than this, you’re likely still wrestling with the tremendous amount of emotional strain you experienced. Fear and anxiety have likely set in, possibly even to the point where you aren’t sure you ever want to drive or ride in a car again. This only adds to your burden, making it even more difficult to move forward.

If this weren’t enough, you’ll need to file a claim if you want to be made whole. This requires understanding your rights, negotiating with insurance companies who have no interest in your well-being, and having a general grasp of the car accident claim process. If you haven’t studied the law to an appropriate degree, let alone at all, you’ll find it incredibly difficult, if possible at all, to navigate these choppy waters successfully.

But with a car accident claim lawyer like Tony Morrow from The Law Office of Tony Morrow, you’ll be on much better footing to clear these hurdles and position yourself to get the outcome you need. Based in Lafayette, LA, Tony has served countless clients just like you throughout Louisiana on their journey to receiving compensation for their car accident injuries and damages for over three decades. He’ll bring this experience to your case and steer you in the direction on the road to recovery.

Car Accident Law Litigation

Car Accident Lawyer, Lafayette, LA

If you’ve suffered in a car accident, Louisiana law may enable you to seek compensation for the damages and injuries you’ve suffered as a result. If so, your case will largely center around determining fault, which can be considerably challenging, securing compensation for damages and injuries, and addressing any other complications that may be relevant to your claim.

Some key things you’ll need to do, even if you don’t litigate your case, include:

Thoroughly Investigate

You’ll need to gather evidence to be able to show the insurance company or a judge or jury exactly what happened. If you don’t, you’re left with simply basing your side of the story on your word, which doesn’t go very far in a car accident claim. If you partner with us, we’ll go as far as to identify and interview eyewitnesses to make your story as solid as possible. We’ll also review police reports and call them into question if they aren’t accurate.

Conduct A Medical Evaluation

Analyzing medical records is vital in determining compensation for physical injuries. Incidentally, it’s incredibly important to seek medical treatment as quickly as is reasonable after your accident to begin a paper trail that documents your injuries. If you don’t, you will significantly undermine your claim later in the process when calculating compensation is on the table.

Car Accident Lawyer, Lafayette, LA

Handle Insurance Claims

Dealing with an insurance company in normal circumstances is difficult, but it’s exponentially more so after a car accident. These companies are just that – companies. They will go to great lengths to reduce, if not entirely avoid, paying out funds you truly deserve. They’ll try to trick you into saying things they can later manipulate and use as part of their claim that you were at fault or that your injuries are not as severe as you assert.

And More

Doing these will build a strong case, even for negotiation or settlement purposes. If you aren’t successful in getting the other side to bite in either of these alternative types of resolution, having done the hard work at the outset of your case will serve you well in litigation. Having a solid car accident compensation lawyer at your side to represent you will only make your case all the more robust and compelling.

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