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Fraud And Misrepresentation

Recently, more people and companies are becoming aware of the financial and reputation damage that fraud can cause. Risks faced as a result of fraud can be severe and include criminal prosecution, large fines, reputation damages, and competitor litigation leading to a loss. Individuals and companies need to be alert. There must be effective ways to ensure the security and integrity of an individual, a company, or an enterprise and its value. The Law Offices of Tony Morrow can help.

Many studies suggest that those who commit fraud generally do so because there is the opportunity, pressure, and rationalization. A perceived opportunity for fraud exists when someone believes they can override anti-fraud controls, for example, because the individual is in a position of trust or is aware of weaknesses in the control environment. People who do this can often rationalize their actions because they can justify to themselves the circumstances that allow them to commit a dishonest act. And even otherwise honest individuals can commit fraud in an environment that imposes sufficient pressure on them, whether this originated from sources inside or outside the organization.

Many people do not see fraud as the typical personal injury case. But, people are often seriously damaged by the actions of a company committing fraud or not being “fair.” Insurance companies may try to avoid paying a claim made after a storm, or medical/hospitalization coverage is denied for a covered illness. Credit card companies, financial businesses, and banks may wrongfully charge or overcharge a fee for a service or supposed late payment. These can all cause great losses and much damage to the lives of people.

We understand your need for a sensitive and time-critical response to these matters. Working with you, we can help determine what happened, how much is at risk, who is involved, and what opportunities exist for recovery. Through a fraud risk assessment, the Law Offices of Tony Morrow can assist you in identifying your most significant risk areas so they can be managed and mitigated. In the face of these increasing threats of fraudulence, companies and individuals must take a holistic approach to risk management and implement different measures that can enhance the ability to anticipate threats.

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