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If You’re Not Sure – Ask!

When looking to hire or when communicating with your attorney, if something doesn’t feel right – or if you’re confused – ask.

Many folks are, for whatever reason, not comfortable talking to lawyers. As a result, when they feel unsure, confused or agitated, they don’t say anything, or even look for answers from dubious sources, like non-lawyers or the internet. Your lawyer should be a willing mentor – someone who can help you get results in your case and who can give you support and peace of mind during the process. If you have questions or concerns, discuss them with your lawyer, or if it’s your first meeting with a lawyer, make sure you feel comfortable and that the lawyer is doing a good job of explaining and being honest. There are very few case that do not have issues, so a lawyer should be straight up.

Going through any legal action, an auto accident case or other personal injury case, a criminal matter, or a divorce/child custody battle can be stressful. Borrow on your attorney’s guidance to get through it.

Here at the Law Offices of Tony Morrow, we want you to be as comfortable as you can be. We do this by answering your questions the best we can and involving you in the process. If you need an attorney, call us! (337) 240-6697

The Law Office of Tony Morrow
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