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We understand how emotionally and financially taxing divorce can be for the whole family. Many divorcing couples want to complete their divorce as quickly and amicably as possible. We know from experience that mediation can be a productive and cost-efficient means to that end.

Unlike a court trial that pits one spouse against another, mediation seeks to resolve issues through open communication and mutual agreement of the parties through a series of meetings or sessions with your mediator. A typical mediation session lasts anywhere from an hour to a full day.

When we conduct mediation sessions, we are able to help couples resolve their issues and help the parties make informed decisions before entering into a mutual agreement. At the conclusion of most mediations, an agreement addressing all of the decisions made by the couple is signed and filed with the Court.

Tony Morrow is a registered, practicing mediator in the State of Louisiana. Please call our office if you have any questions or would like to schedule a consult, we will be happy to help.

The Law Office of Tony Morrow
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