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What Injuries Do You Typically See Resulting From Motorcycle Accidents?

Injuries from motorcycle accidents range from minor to incredibly severe, such as a traumatic brain injury. Anyone who is dealing with a traumatic brain injury needs to find an attorney who has handled these types of cases before and knows how to proceed. These cases can be very costly to prosecute, and a client can be short-changed and suffer for life if the attorney is not familiar with the process.

As A Motorcycle Driver Or Passenger, Am I Required To Wear A Helmet Or Other Safety Gear In Louisiana? What If I Wasn’t Wearing Any Safety Equipment?

In the state of Louisiana, you are required to wear a crash helmet. If you were not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash, then the defense will argue that you would not have been injured had you been wearing a helmet and the value of your case could suffer as a result.

How Important Is The Investigation Of A Motorcycle Accident Case?

The investigation is critical to obtaining sufficient evidence to prove that the at-fault party was indeed at fault. An important part of this investigation is the work of the accident reconstructionist, who will gather data that shows what occurred. Oftentimes, drivers assume and therefore assert that the motorcyclist was speeding; this is just one additional challenge of prosecuting these cases.

What Is The Value In Hiring An Attorney Who Has Specific Experience In Tackling These Motorcycle Accident Cases Versus Someone Who Only Handles Auto Wrecks Or Other Types Of Personal Injury Claims?

It is important to have an attorney and experts who understand the dynamics of accidents involving motorcycles, including the braking time and distance, and how weather conditions can impact a motorcyclist. If an attorney is unfamiliar with the details that are unique to motorcycle accidents, then they will have a very difficult time preparing to bring the case in court.

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