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Offshore or Maritime Accidents

Offshore injuries and accidents have been a way of life in Louisiana for as long as there has been an oil industry. In the maritime industry, there are many different settings in which people work, and all have inherent risks that can lead to accidents, injuries, and even fatalities. Accidents on vessels in the open sea that involve serious or fatal injuries or property damage are commonly referred to as offshore accidents. The causes of these accidents are without measure — it could be that someone fell on a slippery deck, a piece of equipment failed, or even a fire caused a massive explosion. Maritime accidents are often more devastating than accidents in other occupations. This is due to a few factors. Many offshore accidents occur a long distance from the nearest aid. Working long hours doing tasks that require skill and training takes patience and determination. The lag time between injury and help arriving creates far worse consequences. Another reason is that maritime workers often deal with dangerous machinery in severe weather, increasing the chances of a terrible accident.

Some of the main known types of maritime accidents include offshore oil rig accidents, cruise ship mishaps, commercial fishing accidents, tugboat accidents, oil tanker, and cargo ship accidents, grounding of ships, accidents due to drugs and alcohol, crane mishaps, accidents on diving support vessels, and shipyard accidents. It can be seen from the previously mentioned types of offshore and maritime accidents, that mistakes on the part of workers and operators play a major role in the accidents caused. However, to find out what was the actual cause of the marine accident, a maritime accident investigation is necessary. The Law Offices of Tony Morrow can assist in these areas and help the injured to claim their rightful due with absolute clarity.

Offshore oil rigs constitute a great danger in terms of their heavy machinery and the complexities of the processes involved. Even a minor error can lead to enormous consequences across the world. If you have been injured in an offshore accident, you have rights to compensation according to maritime law. Contact the Law Offices of Tony Morrow to help you through this difficult time.


There are many reasons to hire the Law Offices of Tony Morrow but, the short list, experience, resources and caring.

Experience: Tony has been in Acadiana for nearly 30 years, representing people who have been injured and their families. Tony has the experience, the ability and cares about representing people who suffer personal injury.

Resources: The Law Offices of Tony Morrow have the resources necessary to assist people who has been injured and their families. When someone is injured by the fault of another, not only the person who is injured suffers. Family suffers, bills and commitments continue. The Law Offices of Tony Morrow has the knowledge and resources to get an injured person and family the assistance they need.

Caring:  The attorneys and staff at The Law Offices of Tony Morrow understand and care. They care about the people they represent and want to help. This means understanding that most people are not familiar with what is involved in a personal injury matter. We understand how uncertain and stressful each case is to our clients. Taking time to explain the details, discuss the facts of a case and comfort clients is a welcome aspect of our relationship with our clients.

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