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Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death

We all think about the possibility of losing a loved one but go through life hoping that it never happens to us. Having a loved one pass away unexpectedly, especially if someone’s negligence caused the accident, can be extremely devastating. Sadly, thousands of people each year have lost loved ones in accidents. After such a loss, surviving family members often feel a paralyzing sense of grief. The sudden, profound nature of a wrongful death can feel positively overwhelming at times.

At some point, surviving family members will have to sit down and figure out a strategy for dealing with a wrongful death claim. Insurance companies understand how devastated people are in the aftermath of this kind of tragedy, and will try to exploit the situation for their own gain. Families can expect aggressive contact attempts within days of an accident, to try to minimize the value of the wrongful death claim, or even deny it altogether. From their perspective, the quicker a wrongful death payout is, the better. They are not your friend during this difficult time.

At The Law Offices of Tony Morrow, our attorneys understand that during the period after a death has occurred, family members need time to grieve and pay their respects. You should not have to deal with obstinate, uncaring insurance company representatives. While no amount of money can ease the loss of a loved one, a wrongful death claim can help a family pay for funeral expenses and compensate for the loss of income from a financial provider. Our experienced team will work hard to ensure that the person or company responsible for the loss of your loved one will be held accountable. Litigating a wrongful death case is a stressful experience, and getting the help you need can be quite difficult. You need to find an advocate that you trust with your story, and that has a track record of success on which you can depend. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Tony Morrow have a great deal of experience in wrongful death claims and can be a valuable asset in your time of need. We understand that you have already suffered a serious loss, and we are dedicated to helping you through this challenging time.


There are many reasons to hire the Law Offices of Tony Morrow but, the short list, experience, resources and caring.

Experience: Tony has been in Acadiana for nearly 30 years, representing people who have been injured and their families. Tony has the experience, the ability and cares about representing people who suffer personal injury.

Resources: The Law Offices of Tony Morrow have the resources necessary to assist people who has been injured and their families. When someone is injured by the fault of another, not only the person who is injured suffers. Family suffers, bills and commitments continue. The Law Offices of Tony Morrow has the knowledge and resources to get an injured person and family the assistance they need.

Caring:  The attorneys and staff at The Law Offices of Tony Morrow understand and care. They care about the people they represent and want to help. This means understanding that most people are not familiar with what is involved in a personal injury matter. We understand how uncertain and stressful each case is to our clients. Taking time to explain the details, discuss the facts of a case and comfort clients is a welcome aspect of our relationship with our clients.

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