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Your Trusted 18-Wheeler Accidents Lawyers In Lafayette, LALarge truck accidents can lead to devastating injuries. Due to the sheer size and weight of these vehicles, individuals in smaller cars are vulnerable to the destruction that collisions cause.

18-wheeler accident victims often have significant medical expenses to deal with, leaving them wondering: Where do I go from here? Fortunately, if you find yourself in this position, you don’t have to navigate the legal proceedings alone. With the oversight and guidance of a trusted attorney, you can take legal action with confidence and clarity – maximizing your chances of securing compensation for your losses.

At The Law Office of Tony Morrow, we’re no strangers to the catastrophic circumstances that 18-wheeler accident victims are facing. Given the complex nature of personal injury claims, we do all the legal heavy lifting so you can focus on what matters most: your recovery and welfare.

If you’ve been involved in an 18-wheeler accident, it is crucial to speak with a skilled lawyer as soon as possible to get an accurate understanding of your options.

What Is An 18-Wheeler?

An 18-wheeler, also known as a tractor-trailer or semi-truck, is a type of large commercial vehicle that is commonly used for transporting goods over long distances. “18-wheeler” refers to the 18 wheels on the vehicle – including ten on the tractor (the front part where the driver sits) and eight on the trailer (the part that carries the cargo).

While these large trucks are essential for transporting goods across long distances, they can also cause significant damage and harm to other drivers on the road. A typical 18-wheeler usually measures around 70-80 feet in length and stands about 14 feet tall. A fully loaded truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, which can be a significant liability if the driver loses control for any reason.

Common Injuries Caused By Semi-Truck Accidents

Semi-truck accidents can result in a wide range of injuries. They are often severe due to the size and weight disparity between trucks and other vehicles. Common injuries include:

  • Whiplash and Neck Injuries
  • Back Injuries
  • Head Injuries
  • Fractures and Broken Bones
  • Internal Injuries
  • Burns
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Fatalities

All of these injuries may have long-lasting physical, emotional, and financial impacts on victims and their loved ones. If you are involved in a large truck collision, it is vital to seek prompt medical attention along with legal assistance from a competent 18-wheeler accident claims attorney in your area.

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