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Family Law Tip

Here are three tips to alleviate the stress of shared custody over the holidays.

Read Your Custody Order

The solution to many of the issues that arise over the holidays can be found in your custody order. Many arguments are started because either one parent or both parents did not read their custody order. A well-prepared custody order by an experienced family law attorney will spell out who has custody on the specific holiday and when custody exchanges should occur.

That is where tip #2 comes in…

Communicate Your Plans

Do you know whether you will be traveling over the holiday? Could this trip possibly interfere with the other parent’s custody time? Don’t leave the other parent in the dark until the last minute! Give the other parent a heads up. Parents who leave each other in the dark unnecessarily cause huge ordeals when someone is running late.

And that brings us to our last tip…

What Goes Around Comes Around

What inevitably happens when sharing custody over the holidays is one parent asks for an extra hour or maybe even a day with the kids. Either they are traveling to see family across the country or they have a special trip planned over the holiday break. I always remind the client that if you tell your ex “no” to extra time this Christmas, what do you think is going to happen next year when you ask for an extra hour or day over Thanksgiving? Remember, often times the extra time being requested is to benefit your children. Depriving them of a vacation or visiting family just so you get a “win” over the other parent is not in your children’s best interests and certainly is not in the holiday spirit.

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