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What To Look For When Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney In Louisiana

What To Look For When Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney In LouisianaWhen hiring a personal injury attorney in Louisiana, asking specific questions is important to ensure you find the right fit. First, verify that the attorney specializes in personal injury cases and has substantial experience handling them.

Confirming that their expertise aligns with your particular type of case is crucial. For instance, if you are dealing with a trucking accident, ensure they have successfully handled similar cases in the past. Additionally, inquire about their access to accident reconstructionists or other necessary experts who can support your case.

Another key factor is the ability to communicate effectively with your attorney. Although they do not need to be your friend, your lawyer should be willing to communicate with you openly and transparently throughout your case. You will rely on their guidance and understanding over that period, after all.

Therefore, ensure they are willing to explain the process, answer your questions, and provide updates on your case. In addition, they should be able to help you understand what is going on at every step of the way, even if you may not fully grasp every particular detail. If you feel that the attorney is not making time for you or prioritizing your concerns, especially in the early stages, it may not be a suitable match.

Affording The Best Personal Injury Representation

You can afford the very best in personal injury representation as long as you ensure the attorney is qualified, capable of handling your case, and has experience with similar cases.

My firm has been dedicated to providing exceptional personal injury representation for over 30 years, and its track record includes successfully handling both multimillion-dollar and smaller cases. I take pride in working closely with my clients regardless of their financial situation and prioritizing their best interests over rushing to settle their cases prematurely.

Guaranteeing the best personal injury representation requires finding a lawyer who listens to you and understands your goals. During my consultations, I focus on establishing a solid rapport and determining if I am a good fit for the potential client. What’s more, I don’t accept every case that comes my way, instead, I assess whether I can work effectively with the individual and if their expectations align with realistic outcomes.

How I Can Help You

Insurance company adjusters often try to dissuade individuals from hiring a lawyer, claiming they can handle their cases independently and save on attorney fees. This simply is not the case. As intelligent as a person may be, most are ill-equipped to navigate their case simply due to a lack of experience.

The intricacies of lost wages, loss of earning capacity, and other factors are most likely foreign to the average person; they may not realize that their spouse or children could have valid claims related to the accident; and many don’t understand how issues of comparative fault can significantly impact their case’s outcome.

Let me share an example to illustrate this further. I recently encountered a situation where an insurance company promptly offered a client $25,000 for her case just three days after the accident. She was initially inclined to accept the offer, considering it a substantial sum of money, until a family member familiar with my services encouraged her to consult with me.

As a result, I represented her and managed to secure a significantly higher settlement amount. Of course, the insurance company was aware of the true value of the case from the beginning, but their aim was to settle quickly and minimize their payout.

The truth is, attempting to handle a case independently can lead to a slow, challenging process, with the individual bearing the brunt of the frustration, missed calls, and unresponsive adjusters. Consider the scenario where an adjuster intentionally avoids returning your calls or offers an unreasonably low amount, knowing you lack legal expertise.

Furthermore, you may lose your rights if the one-year deadline approaches without a fair resolution. At that point, few attorneys may be willing to take on the case due to compromised communication with the adjuster during that critical period.

By working with an attorney, you give yourself the best chance of reaching an outcome that meets your best-case scenario. Although it may sound self-serving, it’s a fact. Numerous studies confirm that hiring a personal injury attorney helps people recover substantially higher amounts than those who try to handle the process themselves – and the benefits gained far exceed the attorney’s fees.

What Sets My Firm Apart

Among the many good law firms throughout Louisiana, I consider mine to be one of the most exceptional ones. What distinguishes this practice is my decision over 30 years ago to not establish a large firm. Instead, I envisioned a firm where clients would genuinely know me, and I would take the time to know clients, being fully committed to their well-being. At my firm, the legal team and staff genuinely know the individuals I represent – and I have a vested interest in their success. I am striving to go beyond simply settling cases quickly, my priority is to be a source of genuine assistance.

While others may speak highly of their services, the proof lies in my long-term relationships with families. Clients often bring their children along to the welcoming space my office has become known to be, and I have been representing multiple generations within families, with most of my cases stemming from referrals by my past clients. Such trust and loyalty speak volumes about the quality of my work.

Creating this sort of comfortable environment has been critical to me since day one. I recall my own experiences as a client before becoming a lawyer and feeling that my interests were overshadowed. I wanted to spare others from experiencing that same thing, and I believe this is one of the key factors that sets my firm apart.

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